At the start of a new millennium Goodsam Gospel and Medical Society began it's healthcare efforts in Odaippatty Village. In the year 2004, Goodsam took on the challenge of opening the windows of quality education in the English language to the surrounding community, mostly rural and agrarian. I t was called Goodsam School in the Village of Sukkangalpatty. From its inception our goal has been to impart to the students scholastic ability with character, resembling the Good Samaritan in the Goodsam Story( bible) . We believe education start with Character and Discipline. On July 1, 2004 Goodsam School opened with 14 KG students in an unfinished tin roof building. Sam and Mariam Thomas became the founders and Sam served as the correspondent and Mariam as the Executive Director since the inception. Thomas Philip, Glory Philip and John V. Varghese became the Co-founders. Pentecostal Children's Educational Fund (PCEF) , (founded by K.Philip John) became the financial stake holder. Alice Joseph was the first teacher. During the period, 2005-2008 Joseph Thomas &Sosamma Joseph served as the Principal and Headmistress. From 2011 Senthil Prabu was promoted as the Principal. Lisa , Sujitha, Sharmila, Sakthi and Anitha became section heads of different areas. Mr.V.V Jacob and A.Midhun served as business managers. In 2011 PCEF transferred the total of ownership of school to Goodsam Gospel and Medical Society. Goodsam School continously strives to offer “Excellent Education at affordable cost” and to building the future generations in the Christian ethos and Biblical principles.