GOODSAM school sports meet - 2022-2023

We all are aware of the fact that all study and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so giving equal importance to the sports. We conducted the Annual Sports Day on August 12, 13,2023. Events included games, Tracks and field and other. Participants from KG to Std 12.

For the inauguration, Olympic touch rally was conducted from Goodsam Hospital to school 4 km by our Students.

GOODSAM school independence day celebration - 2022-2023

On 15.08.2022, we celebrated Independence day celebration in our school. Mr.Seker, Inspector of Police, Chinnamanur, hoisted national flag prizes distributed to sports day winners.

independence day celebration


“Goodsam Literary Fest” - 2022-2023

​To promote literacy, creativity and Intellectual among students we conducted “Goodsam Literary Fest” on October 14,15-2022 . Our KG, Primary, Middle, High School& Higher Secondary students were participated enthusiastically.

“Goodsam Literary Fest” - 2022-2023 -winners

“Goodsam spell Bee competition - 2022-2023

The Spell Bee competition Prelims is conducted on November 12 and Finals on November 22,2022 to give students a platform to learn spellings in different ways, enrich their vocabulary, learn concepts and develop the usage of Grammatical English. 

“Goodsam math lab - 2022-2023

Math lab is a joint effort between students and teachers to create a common place where students could clarify correct and challenge their understanding of math.

We are happy to announce the "Math lab" was inaugurated on 22.12.2022, Dr. Ramanujam's birthday (Dec 22)

Our School representative leaders planted tree on Children's Day to save our environment.


To provide students with experiences outside their everyday routine activities and give them a chance to learn something new outside of the school, our Students were taken for field trip to various places.

KG                  - Fun Park   – Oct 28,2022

Primary            - Vaigai dam – Oct-21,2022

Middle             -Horticultural Farm-Oct-29,2022

HS                       -Meghamalai - Nov 2,2022

Hr.Sec.            -Theni district count -Nov 2,2022

Field Trip - KG Section Students  to Fun Park, Theni 

Field Trip - Primary Section Students  to Vaigai Dam, Andipatti

Field Trip - Middle Section Students  to Horticultural Farm ,Periyakulam on October 29,2022 

Field Trip - High School Section Students  to Meghamalai-Hill Station on November 02,2022 

“Goodsam christmas program - 2022-2023

Christmas On Dec 23, we celebrated Christmas program. Our students made a wonderful tableau about the “Birth of Jesus"

science exhibition - 2022-2023

Science exhibition is a platform where students can showcase how much they have understood the different Science concepts by its explaining their Charts and model. Our middle School Students participated in Inter school Science exhibition conducted by Goodsam Medical Centre on January 26,2023.


Our Students visited "Image Special School" and "Mercy Home" distributed Christmas Gift to them from their pocket savings.


Our Students participated "Diabetics Awareness Rally" at Chinnamaur & Odaipatti.