First Alumni Reunion  at Goodsam School, December 2018

David Paul. S 

(Research Scholar at VIT Chennai )

"Along with excelling in academics, Goodsam School offered me opportunities to enhance my leadership skills, communication skills, public speaking skills and spiritual values for a successful life. I am grateful to God for his Gracious gift of Goodsam School" 

Abiyamol Aju 

(Registered nurse at James Cook University Hospital), United Kingdom.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. With her hard work and continuous nurturing from Goodsam School faculty, she graduated from Goodsam School with flying colors in her 10th-grade board exam. Abiya was one of the first two alumni who graduated from Goodsam School. Although her dream to become a medical doctor didn’t come true, Abiya realized she could still serve people within the medical profession by becoming a nurse. She chooses a BSc. Nursing course and graduated as the top scorer in her college class in the year 2017. Soon after her graduation, she joined Goodsam Medical Center as a nurse and served for two years. In January 2020, Abiya received a qualification to go to the United Kingdom as a registered nurse. Now Abiya is working as a registered nurse in the United Kingdom.

S V. Shagarika

 BDS, Madurai CSI Dental and Research Institution.

Greetings to all, I am so proud to say that I am a Goodsamian. I joined Goodsam school in the year 2009 in 4th standard. While I joined in 4th standard I was an average student. Goodsam school teachers helped me a lot and encouraged me in all areas, like spiritual, academic, cultural, and sports. Within 2 years I was a topper in my class. Also, I got 2nd place in 100 meters running race at a divisional-level athletic event. We were so lucky, after our 10th standard, our parents think about which school we can send our children because at that time in Goodsam there were no higher secondary classes. But by the grace of God before we complete our 10 standard Goodsam School upgraded as higher secondary school. So we were so happy. In the year 2017, I completed the 12th standard with colorful marks. At present, I am doing my BDS at Madurai CSI Dental and Research Institution. I am very thankful for God, my parents, and the Goodsam management team, without them I would not be in this place. Thank you. 

Annie Thomas 

MS in Engineering Designs, Northwestern University, USA.

"Goodsam School strived for the highest level of academics, but they also fostered creativity and physical activity right alongside it. I greatly benefited from the values and morals we were taught during our daily school assemblies. I will always think fondly of my time at Goodsam."

Gracy Jesilla .S 

CA (Currently doing Articleship)

"Attending Goodsam School enabled me to learn life’s valuable lessons and gain excellence. Being a School Pupil Leader, leading songs & prayers in assembly, topper of 10th std, and winner in cultural competitions, it is evident how the School equipped me in wholesome learning. I praise God for his Grace." 

Karthik P 

Design Engineer, HIROTEC INDIA.

Precious period of my entire school life!!! 

Yes, It was a chaotic situation under which I need to switch over school at Mid 9th grade from CBSE board. I was in search of a good school within my native circle. It was a great bonanza that I reached Goodsam, a school that follows NCERT syllabus. It aided me to resume my education comfortably. Since there were only less number of students, with staffs expertise in their domain, it created a pleasant environment for me to focus on my education. And particularly  Teacher-student relationship was just awesome. Teachers were having more faith in us more than what we had. The consequences of it made all of us ecstatic, that's our grade 10 exam results. All the credits belongs to respective staffs. The bond between us and staffs was limitless, we were trained by them, had cricket battle with them, at times we had even travelled home by sitting one over another after exhausted by special classes. I had even came over certain schools after my Goodsam life, but I can firmly say that Goodsam is far better than others around Theni district. I can't equate by just saying "Thanks" for those nostalgic memories. Goodsam days will always remain close to my heart. 


Keziyamol Aju. 

Moral Educational Teacher

In 2013, I passed from Goodsam School. I was an average student before enrolling in Goodsam School, and I knew nothing. Teachers helped me a lot at the time, and they did their best to make me an excellent student. All the faculty members had greatly encouraged me in all of my endeavors. Even Goodsam School helped me in shaping and building my spirituality and brought me closer to God. That is something I thank and praise God for. Not only that, but I was invited to be the keynote speaker in 2019.