Employment Opportunities

We believe the success of the our school depends primarily on the educators who are passionately in pursuit of our vision of building generations with character, commitment and caliber.The role of each team member is unique however everyone focuses on the same goal.We are looking for people who have the following four characteristics- Call (to the profession) , Commitment,Competency and Cultural cohesiveness to fit in to our mold. If you are passionate about this building process please send your resume to hr@goodsamschool.org .Your application will be in our pool and we will contact you as the vacancies arise.

Current Opening

Well Qualified and well experienced candidates can apply an for the following subjects

  • Chemistry

  • Commerce

  • Biology

Eligibility :

  • PGTs & TGTs (Minimum 1 year Experience )

  • Fluent in English

Primary Teachers required for CBSE Syllabus

Subjects : *English * Maths *Hindi

Eligibility :

  • PGTs (Minimum 1 year Experience )

  • Fluent in English

Interested Candidates can mail their resume to : hr@goodsamschool.org