Admission to Goodsam School is open for the ensuing academic year from the month of January and admission will be closed by May 15th except for Class 11. The key entry points are LKG, Class 1, Class 6, Class 9 & Class 11. Admission to the other classes is limited to the availability of vacant seats in the concerned classes after considering and evaluating various logistics. All students except in LKG classes will have to undergo an aptitude and academic level test to qualify them for entry.

We make our admission process smooth easy and fast. Collecting the information of the child and the parents will help us to create the profile of an individual child to help him/her in the school journey.

Admission Process

  • Submission of Application to the Office of Admissions.

  • Aptitude and skill level test.

  • An interactive session between the Academic and Admission team and the student and parents.

  • If selected, parents have to sign the covenant and information document.

  • Payment of required fee.

  • Submission of all the required documents for registration, like birth certificate, Aadhar Card.

  • Purchase of books and stationery and issuing of ID card.

For Online Registration