Co-curriculum Activities

Goodsam School’s holistic approach to education expands the horizon of each student's learning towards a wholesome growth.

Athletics and games

Our physical education department continuously strives to meet the physical fitness needs of our children. We prepare them for interschool athletic and sports meets. Each year the Annual Sports Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm and vigor.  In the year 2019-20 Goodsam School hosted the Zonal Sports Meet in our school playground. We also provide specialized training in roller skating and gymnastics.

Arts and Crafts

We have skilled teachers who are specialized in teaching arts and crafts in various forms extending the learning towards handwork, crafts blazing the spark of creativity.

Literary Activities

Every year the school conducts Literary and Spell Bee competitions for our children spurring them on to excellence in these areas. 



We offer both vocal and instrumental music classes to our budding artists. 


Our School marching band formed in the year 2019, has sparked much interest among our student enthusiasts. 


From the academic year 2023-24 onward we have restarted teaching Skating for our students.

Science Exhibition

On Independence day we conduct a school-wide Science Exhibition to ignite science, technology, and innovative talents

Cultural Events

Cultural competitions showcase our students's taste and talent in music, dance, drama, elocution and recitation.

Christmas production

Every year Goodsam School students produce a grand stage performance at Christmas. A cast of more than 100 children participates in it, to the utmost pleasure of their parents and friends. 

Annual day celebration

Held every year in the month of February, our students proudly seize the opportunity to do a theme-based performance via dances, music, literary programs.